Welcome to the official Dust to Dust wiki!

Chances are, you already know about my game if you’re here, so I’ll keep things simple and sweet for now.


Please follow these directions closely to ensure your character is properly uploaded.

To post your characters:
  1. Go to the campaign page on iPlay4E.
  2. Register for a Google Account or sign in to iPlay4E with your Google Account using the Sign In link in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  3. Send me a private message on Obsidian Portal containing either your iPlay4E handle or address you used for your Google Account.
  4. Receive an invite to the iPlay4E campaign and a copy of your character via email.
  5. Download the attached character to a location on your computer.
  6. Return to the iPlay4E campaign page and Sign In using the link on the upper right hand corner of the page.
  7. Click the “+New” link on the iPlay4E campaign page and choose Character from the menu.
  8. Click the “Choose File” button from the “+New” link pop-up and navigate to and choose the character file I emailed you.
  9. Click the “Upload” button.
  10. Click “Campaigns -> Dust to Dust” from the menu on the upper left hand corner of the iPlay4E page.
  11. Click “Add Character” from the campaign character list in the center of the page.
  12. Click the checkbox next to the character you just uploaded.
  13. Click the “Add Characters” button to finish.

Characters are not stored on this site because it requires inputting all information manually. I don’t know about you, but that’s super annoying to me. A much more elegant solution is to put your character onto our iPlay4E page. Whenever you have to make a change to the character, simply download it from the site, make your changes and the upload it back on to the site. This also has the distinct advantage of integrating with several encounter management tools. Also, if you have an iPhone or a cell with a half-way decent browser, you should be able to access your character from your phone and not even muck around with character sheets!

Party Ledger

Right, so now that the party is split we face greater challenges keeping the Ledger up to date. I figure the best way to combat this is to push the digital record keeping system. Which means that it has to be ready to go live. I currently consider it to be in beta. All the data that enters the ledger from the from still has to be manually updated on the other sheets. Something I’m looking to improve. I’ve also opened up a thread in the forum where we can discuss the Ledger


Encounter Management Tools

It’s quickly become very obvious to me how important it is to keep closer track of combat. Unfortunately, one of 4E’s shortcomings is that it requires a little bit too much paperwork during combat. Fortunately, on the other hand, lots of folks have come to the rescue with various encounter management programs. For my reference and yours, here are some of the better ones, in no particular order:

  • MasterPlan
  • inCombat
  • 4E Combat Manager
  • iPlay4E Combat Tracker

YouTube Hall of Fame

Everyone loves YouTube! Post your best videos on the forums and if we all agree it’s awesome, well put it up on the wiki (for future reference, of course).